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diagram indicating highlights of HR1069

Economical 1U Structure

The 1U height of the HR1069 series makes it compact,thus reducing space requirements for installation

Easy Operation

Digital number screen for operation status indicator and channel display to simplify operation.

AC/DC Charge

HR1069 supports both AC and DC input and AC/DC auto switching

Rich Scalability

Ehanced version with 2 ethernet ports and 1 standard USB port for IP connection and more function expansion.


Created with Sketch. Compact and Modular Design

HR1069 is onlt 1U height which can effciently save the cabinet space and adopts modular design for easier maintenance .

Created with Sketch. Automatic AC/DC Switch

HR1069 support AC/DC input,When the AC power is cut off, it can automatically switch to the DC power supply of the backup battery. In this way, the power supply to the HR1069 will never be interrupted, ensuring the reliable operation of the system.

Created with Sketch. Wide Coverage

The communication range of HR1069 series is extended with enhanced RX sensitivity, and the ethernet port enables access to IP networks,which provides the capability for HR1069 to connect everyone and everywhere.

Created with Sketch. Analog & Digital Auto Switch

HR1069 support mixed channel mode to detect the receiving signal,then automatically switch between analog and digital mode. This offers an easy way to migrate to digital from analog.

Created with Sketch. Powerful Connectivity

HR1069 enhanced version supports integrated routing and SIP phone gatewa, there is no need for customers to consider the cost of additional equipment procurement, which can reduce the cost for IP interconnection and SIP phone networking.

Created with Sketch. HIGHER SECURITY

HR1069 supports Digital End-to-End and Overthe- Air Encryption for voice and data. Advanced software encryption uses the ARC4 and AES encryption algorithms.

Accessories for HR1069

Included as standard with HR1069 Included as standard with HR1069

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Technical Specifications

General Specs

Frequency Range
UHF: 400-470MHz VHF: 136-174MHz
RF Output Power
Channel Capacity
Channel Spacing
12.5kHz / 20kHz / 25kHz
Digital Protocol
ETSI-TS102 361-1,-2,-3
Operating Voltage
DC: 13.6V± 15% AC: 100-240V
Dimensions (H x W x D)
44 x 483 x 366mm
Weight (with antenna and battery)
Receiver Sensitivity (Digital)
0.18 μV (5% BER)
Receiver Sensitivity (Analog)
0.18μV (12dB SIN AD) 0.16μV (Typical) (12dB SIN AD)
TX Aerial Connector
N-type socket
RX Aerial Connector
N-type socket
Battery Backup
Yes via PSU
Integral Battery Charging
Yes via PSU
USB port
1(enhanced version)
Ethernet port
1*RJ45(standard version) 2*RJ45(enhanced version)

Key Features

Operation Mode
Support 2 digital slots Auto detection between analog and digital mode Multiple CTCSS/ CDCSS
Supported System Types
Digital Conventional, IP Site Connect, XPT, Trunking Lite
Remote Programming
Though Web-based Network Management
Remote Diagnostic & Control
Though Web-based Network Management
Digital Encryption
Advanced encryption (Hytera or DMRA 128 bits and 256bits AES) available via chargeable licence file.
Integrated SIP function
Ehanced version support
Integrated Router function
Ehanced version support