Satellite Communication


What is Satellite Communication?

Who uses Satellite Communication?

Satellite communication is the use of man-made earth satellites as relay stations to transmit radio waves, so as to achieve communication between two or more earth stations. Usually,A Satellite Network Solutions consists of a number of remote terminals of varying types (flyaway, portable, maritime, fixed), a Network Operation Center or Hub and the satellite bandwidth.

Our company’s products and services are used extensively by telecommunications services providers, emergency services and homeland security agencies, military organizations, health care providers, news organizations and Fortune 1000 companies. Customers include NATO, the United States Department of Defense, Marine Corps, Army, Navy and Air Force; FOX News, CBS News; Boeing, Reuters, TESSCO, General Dynamics and others.

SATCOM benefits

Global Spot Uv

Wide Coverage

Group Systems

Fast Deployment

Better Coordination

High Reliability

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