What is emergency solutions?

Who uses emergency solutions?

With self-connect technology, Hytera emergency solution enables network coverage in remote areas such as mountain and woodland areas, expands network coverage in blind spots such as the subway, tunnel, underground,
and provides communications support in case of fire, flood, and earthquake.

Hytera emergency solutions, including broadband and narrowband solution, sets up a secure, non-of-sight wireless link-on-demand to enable front line responders to communicate with on-site command center in complicated environment. The network deployment is flexible.

The kinds of industries which use emergency services include transportation, security, energy, utilities, construction, local government organisations and others.

Emergency solutions are therefore particularly flexible to communicate in front line rescue and blind spots coverage.


Flexible networking

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High mobility

Robust Devices

Rugged and reliable

Secure Communications

High level security

Mobile Networks

Wide network coverage


Self-organized networking by just powering on

Hytera Fast Emergency Convergence Communication System


Hytera Emergency Ad-Hoc Network Solution


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