What is BDA?

Where uses BDA?

BDA (Bi-Directional Amplifier) is used to provide bidirectional communication between radio terminals and the base station in order to fit in any kind of environments. It can be used outdoors to extend the coverage range of base station, making communication services available in areas with no or weak signals, which are adopted extensively for tunnels, roads, railways, outskirts areas, congested residential areas, etc.

Additionally, it can be used indoors as the signal source to improve signal strength. With a multichannel selecting unit, BDA can selectively amplify the signals, ensuring the frequency purity of repeated signals and the stability of output power. It has been widely used in scenarios such as tunnels, along roads and railways, indoor areas, outskirt areas and congested residential areas. It has excellent compatibility, widely used in trunking communication systems such as DMR, TETRA, APCO25, MPT-1327, as well as conventional communication system.

BDA benefits

Visible remote0 Dassistance

Flexible monitoring (Ethernet or serial port), convenient for maintenance and management.


Extend coverage

Stay connected

Pole mounted, wall mounted to satisfy different application scenarios.

Clearer Audio

With high-linearity power amplifier and high-rejection duplexer, capable of rejecting inter-modulation and spurious signals.

Robust Devices

Dustproof, moistureproof & waterproof, with low requirements on installation environment.

Fixed 1

Overcome challenges presented by environments like high–rise buildings, basements, tunnels, subways and more.

BDAs are Ideal for Shopping Centres

  • Complicated structural design: Few partition walls, multiple levels
  • Indoor coverage includes: Shopping areas, management offices, security offices, meeting rooms, rest rooms, underground parking, etc.
Bda shopping

Excels at Sports Stadiums

  • Semi–open/reinforced concrete structure: Few partition walls
  • Indoor coverage includes: Entrance gates, spectator and player areas, office, security counter, VIP rooms, equipment rooms, etc.
Bda excels

Bi-directional amplifiers are Reliable at Transport Hubs

  • Semi–open/reinforced concrete structure: Few partition walls; high ceiling, etc.
  • Indoor coverage includes: Offices, waiting rooms, security counter, VIP rooms, stores, equipment rooms, underground parking, etc.
Bda transit

BDA Highlights

Rugged construction: Metal housing provides good ingress protection and heat dissipation

Portable: BDAs are small, lightweight, with flexible mounting options

Comprehensive range of variants: Integrated/distributed, band/channel select, direct/wireless coupling, VHF/UHF frequencies

Flexible network topologies: Tree/star/chain/ring/hybrid – To allow best fit for application

BDAs can be used in many different systems, such as Analogue PMR/MPT, Digital DMR Conventional/Trunked, TETRA etc.

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