• DMR XPT Digital Trunking

    Single-site and Multi-site Extended Pseudo Trunking (XPT)

XPT Digital Trunking

Simple, cost-effective and scalable

XPT (Extended Pseudo Trunking) is a multi-site digital trunking solution that allows you to cost-effectively increase the capacity of your DMR radio network by simply upgrading the Hytera RD989S repeater.

Connecting to a larger number of users with voice and data has never been easier. Hytera XPT complements our professional two-way radios using the latest digital technology designed with you in mind to meet your growing communications need. From utilities and retail, to logistics and manufacturing, maximise your communications potential and ensure business-critical messages are always delivered, instantly.

XPT Adds Affordable Trunking Features

The XPT Trunking system allows customers to simulate a trunked radio system within available resources. XPT can trunk all 16 voice channels of a site. Another benefit of not requiring an FCC control channel is that that frequency can be used for voice traffic. This is even more important on smaller systems that may be beginning with two XPT repeaters. Not having to give up a voice channel for a Control Channel allows for maximum efficiency of the radio system.

Talkgroups can have access to multiple sites as well. Just like Tier III trunking, XPT allows for multi-site access, multi-site trunking as well as roaming between sites that overlap in coverage.

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Hassle-free migration to XPT

Are you already using conventional (Tier II) DMR radios from Hytera? Then you're ready to migrate! Your existing DMR radios possibly already support XPT Mode (Model dependent) and RD989S repeaters can easily be converted to XPT via a licence upgrade available from your Hytera partner. This future-proofs your investment and ensures that you do not require new hardware when your network traffic increases.

Simple expansion, flexible networking

The individual RD989S repeaters in the XPT system are connected to each other via an IP network. As such, once you have the Hytera radios and RD989S repeaters with XPT licence enabled, you just require IP switches and an antenna connection in order to set up your mobile radio system. PC hardware is not required for this mobile radio system because no centralised switching is used.

If your user base or traffic volume should increase, you can quickly respond by adding additional repeaters, connected to the IP network, to increase your capacity.

Extensive features

Besides the voice services, such as group calls and emergency calls, XPT includes all the important professional mobile radio features that are part of a powerful digital mobile radio system.

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