• DIB-R5

    TETRA2 base station for outdoor use

TETRA DIB-R5 Outdoor Base Station

DIB-R5 Outdoor Base Station

The DIB R5 outdoor is the ultra compact variant for use outdoors or in particularly harsh environments. It guarantees minimum operating costs with reliable radio coverage.

ic_insert_link Created with Sketch. Powerful small TETRA system

As an ultra-compact radio system with dedicated switching controller function, the DIB-R5 outdoor dramatically reduces operating costs. Even without the investment in a complex, costly radio switching system, the entire range of TETRA services is available to you; including interfaces to telephone networks, control centers and applications.

Created with Sketch. Market-leading energy efficiency

The Outdoor base station has a maintenance-free, space-saving design and can be installed on walls, antenna masts or in tunnels.Thanks to its market-leading low power consumption and passive cooling, it is ideal for use in areas where power supply is critical or where there is a need for battery-based, portable base station solutions.

Created with Sketch. Compact and space-saving

Very low power consumption and passive cooling – ideal for areas where power supply is critical or battery-based , portable base station solutions are demanded.

Created with Sketch. Robust and reliable

Especially in harsh areas the users communication depends on a realible system, therefore the DIB-R5 is a good choice. Comply with the high dust and waterproof standard IP65, the functions confront harshest environments by -30 to +55 °C.

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