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Hytera PoC Whitepaper

Today, PoC provides the best of both narrowband digital radios and broadband 3G/LTE networks. PoC radios support the advanced features of Private Mobile Radio (PMR), including messaging, instant group/individual calling, GPS location tracking, and emergency notiöcations. Combining this functionality with 3G/LTE cellular networks provides the bandwidth required for modern data, photo, and video applications, along with the global coverage area of 3G and LTE.

At Hytera, we have developed a complete PoC solution including PoC devices, management platform, dispatch platform, server, PoC apps and terminals to cover all service scenarios.

This guide has been developed to give you an overview of Push-to-talk over cellular technology. Download it now to help improve your understanding of the technology and business benefits.

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What You'll Learn

  • PoC Overview
  • PoC Features and Benefits
  • PoC Devices and Software Applications