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With the burgeoning growth of the third industry, especially in the service sector, there is a rising demand for real-time communication to ensure business productivity and facilitate prompt teamwork.

However, commercial users don't want bulky devices with complex operation processes.

Keeping this in mind, we have creatively designed cost-effective, user-friendly and out-of-the-box S series business two-way radios to meet the evolving needs and preferences of the commercial industry.

Introducing Hytera S Series Business Two-way Radio


Coming in with three sleek models, the S series seeks to open new doors for Hytera, bringing our leading communications technology into a new space, the perfect companion for those in hospitality, retail, warehousing, security, and much more! Instant push-to-talk comms, faster group pairing, smart standby groups, and more smart features await!

S1 mini

Tiny. Mighty.

Seriously tiny but mighty, meet our all-new S1mini, part of the S series lineup!

Combining Hytera's innovative communications tech with a handy, sleek design, the S1 mini is perfect for those wanting reliable comms while on the move! Easier to wear than any other modern radio, the S1 mini fits snugly on either shirts or aprons, ideal for those in the restaurant industry, hotels, and more! Its lightweight 48g form and rapid group pairing ensure your whole team is connected more easily than ever.

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S1mini 1


Efficiency in Duo.

With its smart dual PTT button design for two active communication groups, the S1 is your choice for dynamic, modern comms. Available in sleek Metallic Grey or Pearl White, the radio sports an airy light design, rapid pairing and management of teams, and up to 15 hours of battery life! More than enough to withstand long shifts.

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S1 Pro

Function Meets Fashion.

Shering in a new age of business two-way radio, the S1 Pro is our leading option for those who need rapid comms for their teams. Sleek and light, instantly connect your team at the push of a button, with innovative features like smart noise cancellation, private calls, whisper mode, and voice notifications.

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S1 Pro

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