• App Development Partner Program

    Partner with Hytera to build the new industry ecosystems.

Hytera invites all Mobile Application Development companies, to partner with us to build the new industry ecosystems.

Narrowband PMR infrastructures are widely used in mission-critical industry such as public safety, utilities, transportation and energy. With shift of the business trends, mission-critical users now want more voice, including trunking video, high-speed data transfer, multimedia dispatch and rich applications.

Hytera as the mainstream supplier in the PMR industry is dedicated to bringing the most value-added and user-centric solutions to organizations across the world, to help them meet the demands of their modern workforce.

In order to achieve the goal of building the new industry ecosystems, Hytera's App Development Partner Program aims to drive the growth with our selected partners by bringing together the best-in-class and unified communication solutions to our users. Our App's partners can take advantage of numerous business matching and networking opportunities to co-create success, a win-win situation for all.

Types of App Development Use Cases in PMR Industy

'Mobile Office' Services

These apps allow users like police to make video calling, interrogation of databases and real-time video and data upload.

Tubing Inspection

Through this application, the tubing inspector can record the time, status and inspector information of each tubing inspection. And through the application, end-users can find out whether there is historical maintenance in some special places, which is convenient for personnel to focus on inspection. In case of emergency, end-users can report it in real time through the software to request support.

Workflow Management

These apps can make task assignment, also enabled remote monitoring of every type of worker including operators, supervisors, dispatchers and executives with the current status of their tasks.

Hotel Management

Hotel staff can use the software, real-time understanding of the hotel room information. And staff can know which rooms need cleaning, ordering and other services in real time through the software. Improve management efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Why partner with us?

Depth of Experience

With nearly 30 years of experience and 4000+ dealers under our channel network, our experienced teams are proud to support government agencies and commercial organisations around the world.

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    Vast customer base

    Hytera has set up more than 3000 instances of private communication networks, providing PMR solutions to more than million industry users.

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      Industry Awareness

      Hytera is proudly serving customers including governmental organizations, public security institutions, and customers from transportation, utilities, and other commercial sectors. In order to turn leading technologies into solution that our customers can count on to solve their real time problems.

        Industry awareness
        Our capability

        Hytera insists that continuous high research and development (R&D) investment should be the first impetus to drive enterprise innovation, and has established 10 R&D centers inside and outside China.

        And with our wide product portfolio, we can deliver the individual requirements and features our customers need.

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        Benefits for a partner

        • Market outreach and business development
        • Sharing our customers and distribution channels resources
        • Enhancing abilities through the work and project that we are doing together
        • Gaining a holistic understanding of the industry
        • Extending your team, your footprint, and your reach with our global sales network.

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